Friday, April 18, 2008


The peaks are lovely snowy and steep,
But i have passes to reap.
And peaks to climb before I sleep,
And it is on the summit I sleep.

THU 10th APR 08 : As I reached Dhramshala, I saw the tranquil Dhauladhars in their might with the sun rays kissing the peaks with the morning bliss. It had been long that I have been planning to cross the Inderharapass, and every time weather showed its might to me. I knew its not the season to cross nor did I had equipment and time. Still as I walked down the road i felt something is attracting me and it had been like mountain calling so finally I decide d to trek till the place i can and stay up the night.

It was around 0830 hrs when I reached home and then at 1100 hrs I was at Dhramkot to start the climb. the trek is an easy and moderate climb on the well marked route that was once made by Britishers to reach Triund - which is famous for its scenic beauty and ski slopes however i disagree with the latter as its not a good ski slope.Passing through the woods i reached the 1st village which was frequented by few foreigners who were enjoying coffee in the lap of nature. It was about 3 hours walk till Triund as i had detoured a bit just before the last climb and took the re entrant straight up to make it a bit challenging.

It was good to see few ppl on top and exchanging greetings with them on the way up. there are few shops in Triund and i ordered maggiee and also booked a sleeping bag for me. i met up a group of 3 nationals of Finland who were with t he guide and were going further up. After having lunch and a short break i made my move towards the Ilaqua glacier where I would halt and would try to make it to Lahesh Caves if possible.

After a slightly trying climb for about 2 hours , thought through a well marked route i made it to the Glacier which was shining white with fresh snow. After inquiring about the caves I decided to stay back at Glacier and make a dash in the morning. Truly I would say it was a good decision as i could find some comfort there by the presence of other humans and also by then hot food that was made available at moderate rates for such an altitude. Mr Jai chand sharma owns a small make shift shop that caters for his earnings from the trekkers and enthusiasts who are driven by adventure. Shortly after reaching there i cleared up snow and put my tent over there and also took a blanket on rental for the night as the weather was now deteriorating and sleeping bag wont give full protection in the increasing cold.

None can fight the forces of nature.Now my joy was again turning into a worry about the weather and rain. The magnificent view of the Mun peak and Inderhara Pass was now getting eloped in the clouds that engulfed it like a knight. In a short span of time the Magnificent mountain was gone as if it never existed all that was left was mist and the cloud cover. I would certainly consider me lucky as I had seen the peak and the Inderhara Pass.

There was sudden restlessness in me and I exactly knew what was it that I had always wanted. I am a nomad a wanderer and would be taking a step forward fr being a mountaineer and in one sense I have already taken a step, the question now is how far and how I balance it in life. I had planned a light weight dash to the summit of course i was badly equipped and still had the urge to go as far as I could. 0400 hrs I considered would be best to start of as the snow will be hard.and I will have good day hours with me.

As I was sleeping in the shadow of the peak,I kept peeking from my tent for the clod cover to clear up and to my dismay the mountain seemed to have enjoyed clouds around as I cuddled myself in the sleeping bag. It was at 0445 hours that I decided to make a dash. I secured my camera and took my tripod. Now the trails moved down above the snow and I moved forward towards Lahesh Caves. It had been hardly an hour and the downpour started leaving no choice but to retreat. After reaching the tent I just packed all the stuff and decided to move down ASAP as the weather was fast deteriorating and time was the luxury that I wasn't having. i almost sprinted down at places and thus the memorable trip came to an end in a rather hasty manner.