Saturday, June 23, 2007


11 JUN 07 : I will always remember this day as one of the most auspecious days of my life for it was the day on which a long charished dream came true and I was in the league of the chosen few who belong to the Silent Service and yes I had quallified for the Submarine arm. There is a long way ahead now but the 1st hurdle has been crossed and the dedicated dolphin bhatch now is pinned on my cheast which gives an immense pride .

It had not been easy to get the dolphins for quite some time I was lost in the pipes and the circuits that bugged me a lot as it was not my branch but then submarine arm is all abt team work so i had to put extra efforts for all this . It was then I took up learning more about the weapons and the sight through the periscope is awesome especially the sunset, and can any one guess whats even more exiciting than this ------------ ofcourse its the sight of the enemy ship that may even freeze you for a moment and you now know that '' THERE ARE TWO TYPE OF SHIPS IN WATER SUBMARINES AND TARGETS ''. Obviously I am on a submarine so I am not the target for I am a SILENT HUNTER .

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